Has a girl you know been picked on at school, bossed around, or treated unfairly? Does she feel scared and angry; and uncertain as to what to do about it? Does she desire more courage to meet new friends? Do she want to raise her hand in class, or  stand up for herself, but not know how to find the nerve?

The Power Princesses are here to help! These ultra-powerful sisters rule the kingdom. CEO Princess, who is the oldest and rules the kingdom. Princess Brave handles foreign policy and defends the land. The School Princess is the youngest and is still in school, so she is in charge of education. They work closely with their advisor, the Confidence Fairy, who runs Positive Self-Talk Consulting. Together they are on a quest to boost confidence in all girls. Just like with sports or math the more you do it, the easier it is!

Through activities and videos the Princesses will share crazy-fun ways for girls to immediately feel more secure and confident!  Learnings will be reinforced with beautiful wall art, stickers, pins and more. The secret is that all girls are just as powerful as the Confidence Princesses, many just don't know it yet.

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