What People Are Saying

"Love Confidence Girls! The offerings delight the girls; and the messages — continually reinforced — are precisely what they need. Recommend most highly!"
– Cassie Zampa-Keim, Former Two-Term President of Parent Teachers Guild, St. Anselm School, CEO and Mom

"Soundly grounded in the principles of cognitive psychology. Outstanding and much needed guidance and tools for girls and women."
– Dr. Diane Stratchowski, Ed.D, Psychologist and Founder of Secure in Love

"This is a wonderful idea to showcase proven ideas and products that boost confidence for girls and women. In my years of providing college planning assistance I see how crucial it is for girls to have encouragement to reach for the top and believe that they deserve an equal seat at the table.”
– Claudia Cote, Owner of A College Plan, Mentoring You for Your Next Step, Former Teacher and Career/College Planning Specialist
"Thank you Confidence Girls; Keep up the great conversations!"– Katie Hurley, LCSW, Author of 'No More Mean Girls' and 'The Happy Kid Handbook' 

"As an engineer, I am really very proud to see you championing girls  in coding. Thank you for being a go-getter! Let's change the world for girls in technology!"
– Shinjini Das, Engineer, Founder of Das Media Group, Women's Advocate and TV Personality
"I got the "Confidence Gym for Girls" for my daughter who is in second grade. She LOVED it! She loves to read, and read all the posters. She's bouncing around the house, yelling the phrases out loud, like "I am my own hero!" "I am the smart girl who learns everything!" She likes putting the stickers on everything. She loves to pose for pictures, and we took a bunch of photos of her in front of the wall with the posters on them. She's grinning wide in all the pictures!" – Steve Stilson, CA, USA
"Exceptional articles and advise for parents about instilling self-esteem in their daughters. Results-oriented products. Much needed."– Scott Daugherty, CA, USA

The kit was a great way to start the conversation about confidence with my 4 year old! The vibrant colors and fun pictures of girls were very relatable for her and piqued her interest. We had a wonderful time bonding and having fun completing this project together!"– Erin Sanabria, NJ, USA 

"I got the confidence gym for my fifth grade daughter. Both as an educator and mother, I love how the confidence gym kit can build a girls self-esteem everyday! Simple daily reminders help my daughter to begin and end her day with confidence. Thank you so much for helping to build better girls!"– Nivia Ruokonen, NY, USA