From her first onesie on, she is often dressed in pink. People attend to her more quickly when she cries, and are more protective of her than they are of her brothers, teaching her that helplessness and dependency are normal for girls.

Between five and seven, she starts to believe that boys are smarter and are better leaders—no matter how talented and intelligent she is.

Throughout her life, she sees roughly ONE MILLION ads a year. Most of them suggesting—Subliminally or covertly— that she can’t be happy if she doesn’t look or act a certain, narrowly-defined, way.

She stops taking chances, and questions many of her moves, always wanting to be perfect.

She often settles for far less than she deserves or is capable of.  

This dramatically limits her career choices and income. She is less likely to get promoted, and the resulting missed career opportunities and income inequality account for 21% lower salaries for the same work as men, 35% lower salaries in the senior years, and 50% less in pensions, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of her lifetime.


Surrounded by reinforcing messages to maintain her confidence as she grows up.

Able to go for it, own it, demand it, and celebrate herself every day, knowing that she was amazing and her best was always good enough.

Taking chances, standing up for herself, and being independent.

Proud to stop measuring her body, and measure her mind instead.

Brave enough to say yes to every opportunity.


Embrace math and science classes from the start like the boys do, and take even the hardest classes.

Raise her hand, offer ideas, and go for every leadership position and assignment in school that she wanted.

Compete vigorously for jobs or careers that appealed to her.

Always ask for what she felt she was worth.

Work harder on her academics and achievement, rather than just on her appearance.

Earn more money every year of her life and increase her lifetime earnings over 30%

Go into “tough,” traditionally male-dominated industries confidently.

Compete vigorously for and win roles as CEO, president, director—across business, political and academic spheres, because she had the confidence to compete.

Seek out people who were her equal, shared her interests, and inspired and supported her.

Be powerful at all the things she wanted to be: professional, mom, leader, wife, role model, sister.

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