Confidence Kit for Teens (12+)


Confidence Kits for Teens are all about creating a confident, new you. They will help you to change negative patterns of thinking or behavior into positive ones, giving you greater confidence and an increased ability to set and achieve dramatically higher goals. Armed with this positive outlook, you can increase academic performance and gain powerful confidence for handling the loss of friends, social ups and downs, fear, insecurity about your appearance, and much more.


The Confidence Kit for Teens comes in an awesome keepsake tent box that you can use to store all your supplies. Inside that box you’ll find…

Confidence Guide
A complete tour of the contents of your kit, including resources and instructions for how to use each tool to transform your environment into a place just for you. A place you can change up whenever you like, with whatever you find that interests and excites you. With the tools in this kit, you can make your space new and different as many times as you like.

Confidence Wall
Bring out your inner interior designer and create an environment that inspires you to be the best version of yourself every day!

Power-Up Prints (Ten Count)  Powerful messages that build your confidence muscles and keep you motivated. Use the ones we provide, or create your own!  The Power-ups are printed on 8½ x 11” heavy card stock with a matte finish.
Power-Up Ahesives – These Power-Up adhesives allow you to affix your images to your walls with NO nails or marks, and effortlessly update them anytime. Transform your wall into a fabulous motivational coach that you can easily customize!


Confidence Mirror
A Confidence Mirror decal, a Confidence worksheet, and instructions for this awesome confidence-boosting exercise, which can be completed in less than one minute each morning. The mirror decal is 5 x 8” and features a removable adhesive. It’s made from a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects your stickers from scratching, moisture, and sunlight.


Confidence Stickers (Seven Count)
Motivational stickers to keep you positive throughout the day! These colorful stickers feature motivational messages and are 1 ½ - 3” in size. Contents of each sticker bag will vary.